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Digital POIDS is an digital marketing agency based out in India.
Digital POIDS provide SEO, Social Media promotion (Facebook Page, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest & Youtube channel, Website Design & Development (WordPress, Shopify, Woocommerce, Magento, PHP), Mobile App Design & Development ( UI/UX, Android App, iOS App, Native App), Pay Per Click (Google Ads management, Bing Ads management, Facebook Ads management, Instagram Ads management, LinkedIn Ads management, Twitter Ads management, Reddit Ads Management, Taboola ads management, Outbrain Ads Management) services.
SEO is a process to optimize webpages of your website to rank in Google, Bing, Yahoo.
If you have never done SEO of your website then this is question is quite relevent to you. As we know your are looking for more visitor on your website everyday. Through SEO, you website can ranked on top of Google Searches. Which helps you to get more visitors daily on you website and generate more business to you.
We do have different plans as per your requirements. You can check option in SEO Page of services section. We are very flexible. Let us know about it.
Keywords are basically the words your customers type in Google Searches. You can match your customer by it.
PPC stand for Pay Per Click. This is the module generally use all online advertising platforms like – Google, Bing, Facebook, Instagram etc.
We do have different plans for PPC. You can check out on our PPC page in services section. If you have any question or concerned about cost. You can message us. It is always good to communicate before making any decision.
SEM stands for Search Engine Marketing. It is known as PPC as well. Basically this paid marketing can be done only search on search engine like Google, Bing, Yahoo etc.
Social Media Marketing or SMM is the paid marketing activity only done on social media channel like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Reddit etc.
SMO or Social Media Optimization is the process to improve performance of your social media channel. It is organic method to improve social media performance.
Google Ads management cost depend on the budget you are going to spend in your Google Ads account. More budget means more campaiagn, more more activity. Our management cost is minimum 200 USD or 12% of total spend which will be higher. Let’s message us to understand the benefit of Google Ads
Facebook Ads management cost depend on the budget you are going to spend. More budget means more activity. Our management cost is minimum 150 USD or 12% of total spend which will be higher. Let’s message us to sort out your doubts.
There are lots of benefit of advertising on Facebook. It can increase reach, awarnesss, engagement and conversion of your brand. Most customer on the facebook are in the deciding process of their planned product or services. It is always good to show your brand to them at this point of time.

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